You'll raise money money with IsraelGives. Guaranteed.

Membership and Fees

Join IsraelGives and you will raise more funds. Guaranteed.

Over 1,300 nonprofit organizations raise funds through IsraelGives. We offer you world-class sophisticated fundraising tools miles beyond your average run of the mill donation form. And we're so confident that if you move to IsraelGives you'll raise more money that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee: if you didn't raise more money with IsraelGives than with your previous donation system, we'll refund you every shekel you paid us in fees.


What you get with IsraelGives

We're the leading online fundraising company in Israel for a reason. Join IsraelGives and get all of this for free.

PCI-compliant donation forms

Get a donation form for your website, a mobile donation form for smartphones, and a donation form for your Facebook page.

Credit Card Processing Account

Receive an Isracard account and Yaad Masof, with extra no monthly fees. We take care of everything - Work directly with IsraelGives and no-one else.

Online CRM

Get a free online account to track and manage your donations and donors.

Different ways to give

Recurring donating, honoree donating, peer to peer campaigns, social crowdfunding campaigns, and more!


Fundraise in 17 currencies and 4 languages, and all donations in US dollar, UK pound, and Canadian dollar are fully tax-deductible!

PocketCause app

Get your nonprofit on the PocketCause app, the world's first app for giving to charity.

Membership Plans

To get the most out of IsraelGives, join one of our membership plans today.


Get a free online donation form and credit card account, a free mobile donation form, and a free Facebook donation form.

Best if you're fundraising just in Israel.


Israeli donations starting at only 1.9%
International tax-deductible donations have a 5% supplemental fee.

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Get everything in the Advanced plan but expand to 17 currencies, with tax-deductions in Canada, the US, and UK.

Best if want to fundraise online from donors at home and internationally.


Israeli donations starting at only 1.9%
International tax-deductible donations starting at only 1.9%.

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Our money-back guarantee

We guarantee that if you join IsraelGives, you will raise more money. We're so confident that if over 1 year of working with us you haven't made more money than with your previous donation provider, we'll refund you 100% of the transactions fees that you paid us.

The IsraelGives 100% Money-Back Guarantee

IsraelGives Fees

You can process your donations through the IsraelGives' system using your own credit card account. You can also have donations go directly to your own international "Friends-of" organization. The IsraelGives fee is 1.9% for online and mobile donations, and 4.9% for donations through our campaign systems.