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IsraelGives for Nonprofits
With IsraelGives, you'll raise more money online than ever before. Guaranteed.

The IsraelGives Online Toolkit

IsraelGives will help you raise more money online. Guaranteed.

Online Donation Forms

Free, fully-branded donation forms, that look and feel like your own website. Send automatic email confirmations and receipts to your donor. Collect matching donations (US) and GiftAid (UK).

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Recurring Donation Campaigns

Raise recurring monthly donations that never, ever expire with JoinMe, our new platform for recurring donation campaigns.

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Crowdfundraising Campaigns

Create crowdfunding campaigns that also let your supporters join your campaign and become fundraisers!

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Ticket Sales and Events

Sell tickets online to your next event. Create a seat map and let your supporters reserve their place online. Send tickets and receipts automatically by email.

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International Fundraising

Give 501c3 tax-receipts to all of your donors from the U.S., Canada, and U.K. All from your own branded donation form.

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CRM Integration

Your donations and donors can flow directly into your CRM system

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Over 1,800 non-profit organizations use IsraelGives for their online fundraising.