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The first thing to do is to decide how we should process your donations in your local currency. There are a number of different options for you to choose from. Note that international currencies can be added on to which every option you select.

Starter plan

The default selection is the starter plan. The transaction fee is a little more expensive than in the other plans, but you can be up and fundraising immediately, and don't need to worry about managing funds or setting up a merchant account.

5% /donation

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Accept one-time and recurring donations by credit card and Paypal.


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We collect a 5% transaction fee on every donation. There are no set-up or monthly fees.

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1.9% /donation

MYSITE donation form

Get unlimited branded donation forms, fully embeddable into your website.

Payment methods

Receive one-time and recurring donations in all major credit card brands and by Paypal.


We'll send out receipts in your name to your donors, and your name appears on their credit card statement. You receive instant notification of the donor's details.

Included premium services


Upgrade your fundraising with one of our amazing add-on features.

International fundraising

Get your own virtual office in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and the EU.

Rescue my Donation Chatbot

No more almost donations: We'll make sure that every donor that tries to donate - does.

MYSITE donation form

Create your own custom branded donation form and e-mail confirmation.

Other fees

No small print, just small fees.

What are the standard credit card fees?
What are the fees for foreign currency donations?
    The fee that we collect on donations in foreign currencies are as follows:
  • United States: 2.5% for checks and bank transfers, 4.4% for online donations, and 5% for stock donations
  • Canada, U.K., France, Australia: 5% for all donations
  • Please note that these fees apply when you have been approved to receive donations through our international partner. Otherwise, there is a supplementary 2.5% fee.
Grant agreements and fiscal sponsorships
Applying for a grant from a foreign foundation? Our international partner would be happy to serve as your fiscal sponsor - just mark down their name when asked who will be your fiscal sponsor. The standard fee for this service is the same as a standard check donation. However, in cases where there is a requirement to sign a grant agreement, or to provide reporting to your donor, there is a supplemental 2.5% fee (there is more work and responsibility that our partner needs to take on).

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