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Campaigns and MYSITE donation forms

Get unlimited branded donation forms, fully embeddable into your website as an iframe or popup. And create unlimited crowdfunding campaigns.

Recurring Payments

Collect recurring monthly and yearly donations, as well as membership payments and donations in installments, using both our donation forms and crowdfunding campaigns.

International Receipts

We'll send out receipts in your name to your donors, and give tax-deductible receipts in 16 countries. You receive instant notification of the donor's details.

CRM Donor Management

Use our advanced CRM to manage your donors and donations. See how much each donor has raised, or sync with CRMs like Salesforce.

SMS and email marketing

Send unlimited email and SMS messages to your donors. Time messages to be sent based on events like donors' birthdays. Use analytics and affiliate marketing to track and promote performance.

Email confirmations

We'll automatically send out e-mail confirmations to your donors. Create different templates per project, campaign, language, or currency. Bcc anyone in your organization.

Included premium services

Smart and Classic installments, Infinity recurring donation card replacement, SmartSums, Anti-fraud systems, and unlimited use of StoreFront, all included and free.

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