Never worry about receipting your donors again.

Israeli e-Receipting

Let us automatically issue a PDF donation receipt to every one of your Israeli Shekel donors – at a third of the cost of a stamp!

Paper, envelopes, stamps, and tons of work. Issuing receipts to your donors is expensive and time-consuming. But now, all this can come to an end. Thanks to a unique partnership with EZCount.co.il, now, IsraelGives can automatically issue PDF e-receipts in your organization’s name to your donor.


How does it work?
Donors who donate in Israeli Shekels will instantly receive a PDF tax-receipt, as an attachment to the email confirmation they receive after they make their donation. This receipt is fully recognized by the Israeli tax-authorities, and will include a Sec. 46 notification, if you have one. The receipts will be issued through an account that we have created for you at ezcount.co.il. Enter into your account at any time to view the receipts issued, change the template, and export the records to Chashavshevet or as a Kovetz Achid.
What is the cost?
70 agurot per receipt, which is automatically charged by IsraelGives as part of your donation fee. When you consider that just a postage stamp costs 2.20 NIS, your savings can be tremendous.
Can I use my EZcount.co.il account to create digital receipts for my checks and other donations?
Yes. Your EZcount.co.il account has full access, and you can create digital receipts for any other purpose. If you do create your own receipts, you’ll pay for a monthly package according to your use that month. So if one month you use 100 receipts and another 50, you’ll only pay for the package size you’ve used that month. The fee will be collected by IsraelGives, and paid for using the hora’at keva that you’ve provided us.
What if I don’t want to use this service?
No problem – it’s your choice. However, you are required to issue a donation receipt to every one of your Israeli Shekel donors, for the full amount of the donation. You must also upload the donation receipt to the IsraelGives system, and that’s so your donor can access their receipt through their IsraelGives and PocketCause accounts. You can easily upload the receipt (one-by one or in bulk) through your IsraelGives account. If you do not do so and the donor turns to us to request the receipt, we will charge a small fee (to cover for the expense of having to obtain from you the receipt, and to mail it to the donor).