Donate stock to Israel

Since 2009, over 500,000 donors have trusted IsraelGives to donate to Israel. With IsraelGives, you can donate tax-deductibly online by credit card or PayPal, by check, bank transfer, by gift voucher, donor-advised fund, or through stock.
Donating Stock to Israel
Get more of your money to Israel, and save on capital gains taxes, by donating stock to Israel. Instead of cashing out your stocks and then donating those funds, you can provide 25% more to Israel by donating the stock itself.

Why is it better to donate stock?
By donating stock, you are exempt of capital gains taxes, get a bigger tax-deduction, and Israel receives a bigger donation.

For example, if you bought a stock at $100 and the value rose to $200: if you sold the stock and then donated the cash to Israel, you'd only have $160 to donate, and that's because you have to pay capital gains taxes on the increased value of your stock (which can be up to 39.6% tax in the US). You'll then only receive a tax-deduction on the $160 you donated (which if you're in the highest tax-bracket would be worth $64).

However, if you donated the stock itself the full $200 would go to Israel, and that's because non-profit organizations are exempt from capital gains taxes. You'd then also receive a tax-deduction on the full $200, which could be worth up to $80 to you. So in other words:

  Capital gains taxes Charity receives Your tax-deduction Total value
  Sell the $200 stock and donate the cash $40 $160 $64 $224
  Donate the $200 stock itself $0 $200 $80 $280

How can I donate stock?
Contact us by phone, email, or live chat, and we'll provide you with the details of our Fidelity investment account. You can transfer the ownership of the stock online, and you'll receive a fully tax-deductible receipt for the market value of the stock at the moment of transfer.