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Have you already said thank you? The importance of thanking donors

"Those who celebrate gratitude as an organizational trait raise more money, keep donors longer and create more innovation. They're also better places to work" From the book by Jeff Brooks: The Money Raising Nonprofit Brand.

The importance of giving thanks to donors is tremendous. Every donor wants to know that there is a name, face and value to the donation they have given. That the money was not given for nothing, but is having real impact, whether large or small. Simply saying thank you responds to this basic need, and the value of this is great in terms of the nonprofit’s interaction with each and every donor.

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Public Relations for Non Profit Organizations: Guest post by Kramer Davidovich GCS Team

During the past decade the media landscape has been undergoing rapid changes, making it imperative for those in the public arena to adapt to the new reality. Among the most apparent trends is the increased consumption of internet content at the expense of traditional media, as well as the mergers of different media outlets resulting in fewer players and less competition. Social media increasingly asserts its place alongside the traditional outlets, giving greater exposure to news items; discussions spill over from the net to the traditional outlets – and vice versa; coverage increasingly takes the perspective of the average person asking “What’s in it for me?” Mobile apps such as WhatsApp enable the instant transfer of messages accompanied by photos taken on-the-scene, between the public at large and media reporters.

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2016 Online Giving Report

The 2016 Israel Online Giving Report shows that online giving in Israel increased by 14% in 2016. That's 55% faster than overall philanthropy grew that year. The report is based on donations that were made through the IsraelGives platforms, which fundraised over 38 Million NIS for 558 different organizations. The report also shows that the average online donation in Israel is 283 NIS, but that while the average by an Israeli is 174 NIS, the average by non-Israeli to Israel is three times as much - 627 NIS. ...

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Facebook for Nonprofits: 5 Ways to upgrade your Nonprofit's Official Page

Nonprofits' Facebook page that is being managed wisely can be a powerful tool for your organization. Facebook formal page allows you to raise awareness for your activity and causes, keep in touch with your supporters and donors and off course fundraise donations effectively. According to Facebook, there are more than 1.5 million nonprofits which are using Facebook pages. Creating official Facebook page is free as you probably know and maintaining the page itself is pretty easy to do and user friendly, but this does requires some time and effort. We bring you here on our blog this week tips to help you manage your page better.

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The Last 10 Fundraising Days of the Year can be your Best

The minutes are passing fast counting to the end of the year. Even though there are only a few days left to fundraise for 2016, it is still not too late to take an immediate steps right now in order to increase your online donations. 5 immediate steps you can take right now to increase your year-end fundraising:

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Ready? Set. Go!: How to Create Your Nonprofit Marathon Fundraising Team Campaign Today with a Few simple Steps.

Marathons, such as the upcoming marathons in Tel Aviv (February 24) and Jerusalem (17 March), are a great opportunity to promote your nonprofit locally and internationally with fundraising team campaigns.
About 40,000 runners from Israel and abroad took part in last year’s Tel Aviv Marathon, and 25,000 ran in the Jerusalem Marathon. This year’s numbers are expected to be even higher. These events offer high profile press coverage with significant impact.
Marathon participants would love to run for your cause to personally fundraise on behalf of your nonprofit, while others would love to donate to your fundraising team that’s actively running for your cause. Give them the chance to get involved! These opportunities offer ideal circumstances for you to spread the word about your social cause.
We, at IsraelGives, understand the importance of seizing these moments of opportunity, and our simple & user friendly tool is designed and developed to help you launch your nonprofit’s marathon fundraising team campaign smoothly and successfully.

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